Welcome to the AntiPhotoBloggies

Now with buttons!

Nominations are closed!

If you had something clever to say, too late. You can try to compensate by putting one of our pimp buttons on your site. Or make a pimp button and send it to us and we'll add it here. Now what happens is we drudge through the category submissions (over 150! Thanks guys!) and pick out the very best. This will probably take less than 2 months. After the categories are chosen nominations for each category will be open, and then you can start pimping your site like it's going out of style.

What are the Anti-Photobloggies?

Well if I was going to talk to the Antiphotobloggies, I would say, “You are not the Bloggies. You are not the freakin’ Anti-bloggies. You are not your khaki background. You are not the photobloggies. You are the all singing, all dancing, BLOG award of the world!!!” And then the Antiphotobloggies and I would laugh evilly. It’s APB for short. It’s the antithesis of the Photobloggies, with an emphasis on the absurd. It’s what happens when you have too much time on your hands. It’s nutritious and delicious, like a cheese sandwich.


Okay we got some buttons! Thanks to our loyal minions fans who sent stuff in. However we just have three buttons, our shirt is flapping open and we really don't have the chest for that. So send some our way and we'll make good things happen. Direct link if you want; we're not paying the bill.




Mad props to: Donna and Sue, the official APB groupies.


And Finally...

I wanted to say thanks for the linky love to the following people. This is done old-school-style so if you should be on here drop an email.

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